Alien Rescue lands at Eden


6 February 2017


Enter lab. Save Alien. Escape quarantine. You have 45 minutes…

‘Alien Rescue’ is the first escape-the-room game from the premier attraction of the south-west and owners of the largest rainforest in captivity, the Eden Project.

The Eden Project has been partnering with SETI – the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence – to broadcast out to the universe asking any visitors to head for the biomes where they have the facilities and the ‘science’ to make them welcome.

Most people didn’t expect one to actually turn up, however… ‘Zorq’ has landed, but unfortunately is lacking the right microbes to survive on Earth, so the players’ challenge is to build him an immune system before he succumbs to a nasty Earth head-cold.

Brilliant fun; brain-scrambling, puzzling and frustrating, but brilliant fun all the same” – Lee Trewhela, What’s On Cornwall.

Tom Sawyer’s immersive expertise was called upon, and in turn we called on Dean Rodgers to partner with (one of the founders of The Crystal Maze and Heist fame) to design and package a bespoke family-friendly game, providing detailed specifications that allowed the Eden Project’s talented production team to construct on-site in Cornwall.

As it was the Eden Project, there was the additional brief of ensuring players gained a deeper understanding of the scientific world from the experience – ‘Alien Rescue’ acts as a prelude to their 2018 ‘Invisible Worlds’ exhibition. The game is designed so that whether you succeed or fail, you will have some interaction with the alien as you try to save it and on the way learn about microbes.

Reactions have been excellent (from the people that escaped and weren’t locked in the quarantine chamber forever at least). Our initial concerns about the difficulty scale during testing was put to rest when the first families started coming through and the kids owned their parents and bossed the game.

Our own Ben Mason spoke with BBC Radio Cornwall about Alien Rescue, our previous venture Time Run and the ever-expanding world of immersive entertainment. It’s an exciting time in the industry – to give you an idea of the scale, website ‘Exit Games’ lists over 500 escape games at 200+ venues in the UK and Ireland alone.

You have until 19 February 2017 to experience Alien Rescue, so get yourselves to the Eden Project, meddle with some microbes and save Zorq!

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