The Fence explores content


21 February 2017


The latest issue of The Fence is out and this time it’s about content – more specifically how online video is increasing in importance and at the same time continuing to diverge between being slick and extremely well produced on one side and from the hip, raw and live from the other. And that’s before VR kicks in at a mass level and immersive content properly kicks off.

Here are some (of the most clicked) examples to play into these trends:

  • The first-ever live Super Bowl ad, attempted by Snickers, featured Adam Driver flawlessly ruining an entire set. Even if that was as-live, it’s quite a feat.

  • Content doesn’t have to be goodAs long as you’ve got something interesting enough to say about it. As the always controversial Cards Against Humanity proved at the Super Bowl by using one of the priciest ad slots to show 30 seconds’ worth of potato.

You can view the full issue here and sign up here (or using the massive button below).


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