A Hyper Reality Horror Experience


5 February 2018

The Pendulum Vault Festival 2018

As you may have seen from our social feeds already, The Tom Sawyer Effect is putting on a show called The Pendulum at the Vault Festival – London’s equivalent of the Edinburgh Fringe.

The Pendulum, starting later this month, is a hyper-reality horror experience blending virtual reality with immersive theatre and physical sensation.

We’ve been looking to explore the possibilities of augmenting VR and using it within a site specific experience, and the Vaults with their diversely progressive alternative entertainment and remarkable underground set of venues, was the right option, excuse, and motivation.

Here’s everything you need to know about the experience:

Head in hands poster resized for Vault

You have the secret that could bring down the Foundation. 

They have The Pendulum – a device that will reveal your darkest fears.

Can you resist & survive The Pit?

One of the first hyper-reality experiences to have been put on in the UK, The Pendulum will blend virtual reality, physical sensations and immersive theatre into an unnerving interactive horror for one person.

The Pendulum is loosely based on the original Edgar Allen Poe story but really inspired by Eighties visceral & psychological horror movies from Kronenberg to Hellraiser, along with the immersive potential of VR.

This site-specific piece has different endings depending on how you fare once you are inside and, of course, if you make it to the end…


This is a proof of concept and a prototype for significantly bigger experiences, but from the 360 filming and the initial testing we’ve done, it should be a compelling experience in its own right… though definitely not for people who don’t like horror!

The experience is part of Vault Festival 2018 and runs from February 28th through March 18th. You can book tickets right here (late afternoon and evening slots only). Stay tuned for updates and we’ll see you down there!