What we do

Social media strategy

Planning and integrating social media into brands’ overarching communications and campaigns.

Influencer engagement

The identification and engagement of targeted influencers and audiences across platforms and interests.

Online public relations

Creating and distributing stories and content to news, lifestyle and specialist websites, blogs and communities.

Global coordination

Providing toolkits, training and oversight & support services for markets to operate consistently and efficiently in support of a global brand.

Community management

Building, feeding and maintaining communities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest and many more.

Digital content creation

The creation of digital content and experiences to fuel our campaigns and online or mobile hubs to house them.

Pervasive game creation

The creation and implementation of interactive narratives and games that unfold across social media, mobile and the real world.

Event activation

Helping to plan, run and promote events through social content broadcasting and live monitoring and response to relevant conversations.