Who watches the watch makers?


14 January 2017


What do you think of when you think about Switzerland? Yes – ok chocolate… and the Red Cross. And it being the oldest neutral country in the world. But if you weren’t just being difficult having read the title then you probably would have said watches.

The Swiss have made the best watches in the world ever since the 19th century, when peasants and farmers in the mountainous valleys spent their winter months locked away in dedicated craft, building a skill base that remains unrivalled to this day.

Watches of Switzerland is the leading provider of luxury Swiss Watches in the UK – which is an increasingly important market globally. So they know what they are talking about when it comes to automatic movements and moon-phase complications.

Which is why we are out in Geneva with them on Monday (16th Jan) and Tuesday (17th Jan) at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie – one of the two leading watch fairs in Europe, nay world. We are helping them to give their insights from the show as well as creating social content featuring brands such as IWC, Cartier and A. Lange & Sohne. Then each evening we will be broadcasting a live panel discussion on the top releases of the day. This will be chaired by CEO Brian Duffy, and will be broadcast by media partner GQ. 

It should be very interesting! We’ll be sharing it live from 8:15 pm on the Facebook page along with conference highlights throughout the days. 

*** Update 19/01: Here’s one of the panel debates we shot and broadcast. More details coming very soon!