Augmented Reality Smurfs


8 August 2017

Augmented Smurfs

Augmented reality is back! Or rather… it’s arriving properly at last. Hurrah! Pokemon Go was actually a bit of a freak, and not just the Shiny Clefable.

However… for now at least it’s still a bit of an ask. Currently if you want to get people to activate your augmented contribution to the world you have to get them to: download an app, often search for a specific file within it and then find and then wave their phone around over the right real world object or location. In other words you’ve got to work hard to get anyone to do it*…

We’re hoping that a combination of a classic, much-loved children’s cartoon (recently animated into a new set of feature films for a new generation) crossed with a wonderful and magical children’s tradition might do the trick.

So… to celebrate the home entertainment release of Smurfs: The Lost Village families are being invited to print out three Smurf houses and put them at the bottom of trees in their homes or nearby woods (in an update of the fairy door idea).

When their children then ‘stumble’ across them they can hover their phones over the doors and bring to life animations of the characters that live in and around them, featuring their favourite Smurfs of course.

This idea was created and pitched by our partners Unity. We have been in charge of bringing it to life, as it were, via the magic of Aurasma.

*Though this is all set to change with the iOS 11 which has the “ARKit” allowing augmented layers to be built in to any new or updated apps. Plus new Mixed Reality headsets coming out from Microsoft to join the HoloLens.