Encountering more aliens at Eden Project


29 August 2017


We’ve been back down at the world’s largest rainforest in captivity, this time producing Alien Encounter, an immersive experience as part of their ‘Summer Spectacular’ activation Journey into Space, which is running throughout the school holidays.

Our brief for Alien Encounter was to get family audiences thinking about what they would do if they met an extra-terrestrial life-form, what questions they might ask it and also about our place in a wider natural universe.

The in-house team created some brilliant teaser films showing strange UFO sightings (clever enough for Buzzfeed to fall for), followed up by footage of an alien craft crash-landing on the site.

Visitors to the site may now stumble across strange artefacts dropped by the ship, with a variety of runes carved on them. Then at the centre of the crash site they would discover a hastily erected forensics lab tent, with an exolinguist scientist feverishly working inside. Unfortunately their formidable skills in deciphering alien languages have not been enough to make contact, so they call upon the help of the audience to decipher the symbols and activate the control panel on the dark and mysterious inner chamber.

We won’t spoil the surprise for how the whole thing unfolds until it’s finished its run, but the reactions we saw during launch week made the last two months’ effort extremely worthwhile…