The Nether

Redefining theatre trailers for Olivier-awarded “The Nether”

The prestigious Royal Court Theatre commissioned our team to help promote an exciting science fiction play from Headlong. The Nether is both the name of the play and the near-future immersive virtual world it centres around, presenting an exploration of both the opportunities for fantasy fulfilment and the associated moral ambiguities.

Rather than create the standard video trailer for the player, we decided to create a teaser for the virtual world contained within it: an immersive, interactive trailer that works across desktop and mobile.

As we wouldn’t be able to create any kind of 3D environment in the time available, we instead reverted to the oldest form of computer-based immersive world – the text adventure – working with our partners Rusu+Bortun to improve it with graphics, audio effects and subtle animation to hint at the incredible possibilities if you were to enter The Nether for real.

We’ve since adapted this immersive trailer for the Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company’s production in Washington DC.

work / 1 March 2017

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work / 3 January 2016

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