Resident Evil

Operation Raccoon City brought to life (or rather ‘living death’)

We integrated mobile, digital and physical experiences to bring to life (or rather ‘living death’) the latest iteration of the zombie franchise. This saw players volunteer for the Umbrella Corp –¬†tasked with saving London from an imminent zombie infestation armed only with their wits, some modded nerf guns and an augmented reality mobile app!

We created a campaign hub that purported to be a recruitment site for one of the game’s factions, Umbrella Corps. This was supported by video and image assets calling for help to battle ‘The Infected’ in London, Bristol and Manchester.


mobile gameplays during the week

London-based fans were selected randomly to attend the live launch alongside media, and everyone else was invited to take on the virtual zombies via the iPhone game.

On the day, recruits came to Umbrella HQ in Shoreditch where they were briefed on their mission, before being sent out into the streets to battle the augmented reality 'infected' before encountering the more virulent real things!

work / 21 January 2016

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work / 22 July 2016

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