Reminding people why they love the BBC

We needed to remind people why they loved the BBC, to create positive sentiment and buzz around the time of Government Charter Review and the public consultation around it.

Our role was to remind people of the BBC’s work and engage them digitally in the corporation’s future.

Working together with Unity, our campaign centred around a Tumblr commemorating the most memorable BBC Moments from throughout its history, as suggested by a mixture of BBC pundits and the British public – from the Queen’s Coronation, to the 2012 Olympics, to Arnold J Rimmer – then sharing the content across the relevant BBC social channels to raise the awareness and drive further suggestions and conversation.

The campaign had a social reach of 31 million, but more importantly, we moved people to engage with the BBC’s future, helping to drive 100,000 responses to the Government consultation on the Charter Review.

work / 6 January 2016

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work / 5 January 2016

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