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22 April 2017


What links photographers, petro-chemical engineers, firemen and roadies?

No punchline here – it’s that their go-to brand for protecting their precious gear is the same. It’s Peli Products (in Europe at least, for which we now run the social media accounts – in the US they are called Pelican).

The main challenge with managing the brand’s social profiles is being able to appeal to all of those different audiences at the same time. Or at least through the same channels. And in particular to bring those credentials from the professional arena into the newer consumer area.

But actually all of them do share similar approaches and needs – that of protecting high performance and technical equipment in extreme or intense environments and conditions. And with this tends to come a certain adventurousness of spirit, a certain ruggedness of character.

We try to embody this in our content, and invite those from the consumer sphere who feel they share either the spirit or requirements to get their mobile gear protected by them too…

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Posted by Peli Products on Friday, 5 May 2017

Sometimes size does matter.

Posted by Peli Products on Sunday, 9 April 2017

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