Ciao Mercato Metropolitano


11 October 2016


We are lucky enough at Tom Sawyer to work with a raft of great clients and brands. Yes, over the years there have been some more painful accounts – though almost always due to the organisational structure rather than anything personal.

However, only rarely do you get to work on an account and with people who have the kind of philosophy, ambition and approach that inspire you to go way beyond the scope of work and become more like partners working together to try to achieve both of your business’s goals.

Mercato Metropolitano is one such account. Launched officially last month, it’s an Italian market and community hub with regular events and free entertainment, a beautiful deli, cinema screen, and a kids education area (and will soon include a boxing gym, work-space, roof-top garden and even eventually a hostel).

Their philosophy is one of people coming together to enjoy the best quality (and therefore tastiest), healthy and natural food prepared and shared with passion by specialist producers from across Italy and the UK, plus South America and now Asia.

All of the independent suppliers have amazing stories to tell, which we’re really looking forward to bringing to the Mercato feeds over the coming months…